Being Open and Honest

Being open and honest with people is one of the most liberating qualities an individual can have but unfortunately a vast majority of people do not have this particular personality trait. Now this may not seem like a major deal but being open and honest can real a help a person deal with problems, develop relationships and generally have better psychological well being.


But being open and honest to anyone can be really hard especially people close to you. Perhaps you are worried about what they will think about you or perhaps the trust isn’t quite strong enough for you to be completely honest but do not fear there are lots of people you can talk to like a counsellor or maybe even a pet. Now it may sound a bit ridiculous talking to a pet or a strange counsellor but its not about the person/animal you are talking to, it’s about the fact you have taken the 1st step on your path to being more honest and open and sometimes just expressing yourself aloud can do wonders for your own benefits, give you a new perspective on a situation or maybe even just help you find something out about yourself that you did know.

When do I know I should express myself

  • When you are feeling stressed
  • When you are not happy and you cannot quite pinpoint why
  • When something feels missing in your life

Now you might think what is the purpose of this blog why this 1st post on being open and honest, what am I going to follow it up with? Well this blog is my idea to be more open and honest and start trying to make this improvement in my own life. So this blog if you like is my counsellor or pet. 

Anyway I”ll follow this up soon that’s all for today